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2021 Lower Tule River Irrigation District

Water Supply Notice

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Water Supply Notice


Eric Limas
General Manager



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Water Supply Notice

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Lower Tule River Irrigation District

2021 Lower Tule River Irrigation District

Water Supply Notice


April 16, 2021

To: Water Users

This year has turned into an extremely dry year with precipitation and runoff to date tracking similar to 2014 and 2015, which were two of the driest years on record.

The current Bureau of Reclamation allocation is 20% Class 1. When combined with a dry year forecast on the Tule River, it will result in a very small Lower Tule supply. With a low allocation such as this it will result in no summer water run for LTRID in 2021.

Most of Lower Tule’s allocation will be delivered to Terra Bella ID under an exchange agreement that has been in place since 1977. Under the agreement, TBID sends LTRID all water in excess of irrigation demand in above normal years in exchange for LTRID sending TBID water to meet their irrigation demands in below normal years. While it is understandably painful in a year such as this to not have a water run, it is important to understand that this exchange agreement, through this year, has yielded LTRID 14 acre-feet received for every 1 acre foot given up. This is even more important and beneficial under SGMA and the need to become sustainable over the long term.

The dry year and very limited supplies will result in no water availability for Pixley ID.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the office at 559-686-4716.


Eric Limas
General Manager

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Pixley Irrigation District

About Pixley

The Pixley Irrigation District has always played an active role in local, state and national water issues and it is recognized accordingly. The Pixley Irrigation District has a long history of working with its neighbors in good times and in bad, and is known for its progressive nature in all facets of its business.

Facilitated by a five-person board of directors, the Pixley Irrigation District serves many landowners and large dairy industries within the district. The district covers over 69,500 acres and has over 67 miles of canals and rivers.

The water supply for the Pixley Irrigation District is drawn from 31,200 acre-feet from the Cross Valley Canal.

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Vandalia Water District

About Vandalia Water District

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Vandalia Water District Board Members

Vandalia Water District 2021 Meeting Agendas

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The Lower Tule River & Pixley Irrigation Districts main office is located in Tipton, California, with shop offices in Pixley and Woodville, California as well.

For general questions regarding operations, please e-mail customerservice@ltrid.org.


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